All practices and games are in Winston-Salem at Shaffner Park and Hine Park.

Every player plays at least half the game
There are no tryouts.
Every player that is registered is assigned to a team as long as there are enough field space and volunteer coaches.  While we try to accommodate most requests, there are NO GUARANTEES that a player will be assigned to the previous season team. Please visit our FAQs page for more information regarding the team assignments.

Not sure of what age group your child belongs in?

Age Group Updates for 2020 Spring Season

Girls Soccer Age Groups
U4 Birth Year 2013 Thursdays
U5 Birth Year 2012 Fridays
U6 Birth Year 2011 Tuesdays
U7  Birth Year 2010  Tuesdays
U8 & U10 Birth Year  2007 thru 2009
U11 & U12 Birth Year 2005 thru 2006
U13 & U14 Birth Year 2003 thru 2004
U15 – U17 Birth Year 2000 thru 2002
Skills Academy will be on Wednesday from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Spring 2020 Boys Soccer Age Groups
U4 Birth Year 2013 ThursdaysU5 Birth Year 2012  Fridays
U6 Birth Year 2011 MondaysU7  Birth Year 2010  MondaysU8 -U9 Birth Year  2008 thru 2009U10-U11 Birth  Year 2006  thru 2007 U12 & U13 Birth Year 2004 thru 2005U14 & U15 Birth Year 2002 thru 2003U16 & U17 Birth Year 2000 thru 2001

Skills Academy will be on Wednesday from 5:00pm to 6:30pm


How can I get involved with my child’s team?
We are a non-profit organization and our success depends on our volunteers!!  We have many opportunities available for a parent/guardian, grandparent or older sibling(s) to be involved.   Visit our Volunteer Corner for more information or email us @ to learn how you can make your child’s experience with Optimist Youth Soccer a memorable one!

How old can a  player be?
3 years old (players born in 2013) to 18 years old (players born in 2000 and still enrolled in High School)

How much does it cost to register?
3 year old $75 includes uniform (returning players not needing a uniform only pay $65)
4 year old $75 includes uniform (returning players not needing a uniform only pay $65)
5 and 6 year old – $75 (plus $20 for uniform)
All others $95 (plus $45 for multi-season uniform – OPTIONAL)
Players may continue to wear any serviceable uniform previously purchased as long as it falls within the Optimist Soccer Uniform guidelines

Are there co-ed teams?
Our 3 and 4-year-old Mini Passers is the only co-ed age group, but if requested, we can merge our 5 yo & 6 yo age groups to coed.

 When do 3 years to 6-year-old practice and play?

3 to 6-year-old age groups practice and play on the same day
3-year-old Jefferson Middle School (Thursday)
4-year-old Jefferson Middle School (Friday)
5 and 6-year-old Jefferson Middle School (Monday boys – Tuesday girls)

When does the season start and end?

The first practice week will be the week (TBD)  for groups U8 years and up.
Each team will have 1-weekday practice and a Saturday game.  U8 and up may also have a scheduled skills session with a professional coach.
Coaches will let you know your practice day.

Soccer Uniforms and Equipment  
Uniforms are purchased via Soccer Unlimited and are available for pickup by the registration deadline date.  If you have a question regarding what size soccer ball your child(ren) may need, the size of shin guards, or if you would like to purchase additional socks or shorts, please visit or call Soccer Unlimited, 3051 Trenwest Drive, Winston-Salem, NC  27103.