One of the goals of the Optimist soccer League is to make sure any and all youth desiring to play soccer has that opportunity.  We include in our schedules guest teams from nearby communities.  The following are some of the major requirements and guidelines. Guest teams are from nearby communities who, unless they play with the Optimist League, would not be able to play. This does not include players from Forsyth county who use the guest team as an opportunity to form their own team thus subverting the random selection of balanced teams.

Fees:    The team fee is $75.00 per player.  This includes the $8.00 insurance fee for each player.  Coaches are not charged a registration fee.  Fees are due 4 weeks before the playing of the first game. Coaches are expected to attend the coaches meeting before the start of the season and complete and turn in the Leagues “Times two” policy.  This policy states that two adults are always present when the team practices or plays a game.  The forms are available on the web site www.  The same expectations and responsibilities are expected by guest team coaches as League coaches. Scheduling is done keeping in mind that those teams from a distance will have trouble making first games on Saturday.  Where there are two guest teams in the same division this scheduling accommodation may not be possible. Uniforms are to be standardized and can be any color except red, gold/yellow, or white.  Any shade of blue, green, or black will work just fine.  An identifying number is to be on the back of the jersey. Players in all Divisions will have League issued Player Cards. A picture of each player and a copy of their birth certificate must be provided by the team 2 weeks prior to the season. Digital pictures may be generated with the player’s name below each picture. All player cards and a copy of the roster must be presented to the head referee prior to each match. Any player that does not have a card will not be permitted to play. Coaches, Players, and Parents are expected to be familiar with the Laws of the Game as well as the SAY Rules and the Leagues Rules and By-Laws.  Those adults and youth desiring to be a referee can attend the Optimist Referee Training.  Those USSF certified referees are welcome to work once they attend a refresher course conducted by Optimist Youth Soccer League to familiarize them with the unique Optimist Rules. Age grouping: The calendar year (Jan 1st to Dec 31st) is used by the Optimist League. The age group for the fall season is determined by how old a player is on January 1st.  Where the player played in the Fall will determine which age group they play in the following spring. Co-ed teams play in the appropriate male division. Multiple aged teams play in the oldest player’s age group. A co-ed team with 8 and 9-year-olds will play in the U10 age group.