The position of Coach, Assistant Coach, or leader of any youth group is an important and serious responsibility.  All the children look up to the coach and respect his/her position.  His/her behavior is constantly under observation by them and they will strive to imitate his/her actions.  The Coach’s opinion and behavior during the game will carry more weight than anyone else, even parents.

Below is a link for CODE OF ETHICS & BEHAVIOR for the ideal Optimist Coach.  Please print, sign & scan/email to or mail to Optimist Club of Winston-Salem, 3051B Trenwest Drive, Winston-Salem, NC  27103.  Thank you!

It’s important that every player acknowledges the importance of skill development, respectfulness to referees, parents, other players & coaches. Below is a link for the Player Code of Ethics that every coach should provide to their players.

Even more important is that every parent acknowledges the importance of respectfulness to coaches, referees, other parents & players.  Below is a link for the Parent Code of Ethics that every coach should give out at the first practice/game of every season.


The SAY National Concussion Policy consists of two very distinct procedures. This policy is required for ALL coaches and officials regardless of their age and/or status (i.e. Head coach, Assistant Coach, Head Referee, Assistant Referee, etc.).  These procedures are designed to comply with recently passed legislation concerning concussions in youth sports.  It will be necessary to complete a concussion training course every three (3) years.
STEP 1: The first portion of the SAY National Concussion policy is the taking of a FREE online training course.  ALL coaches and referees MUST complete this training course prior to participating in any SAY activity whether it be a practice or a game situation.
There are two approved options for the FREE online training program consists of two approved options, either of which is acceptable: The FIRST APPROVED OPTION is provided by the National Federation of State High School Associations Concussion in Sports – What You Need to Know.  This online course will require you to click on the “order here” button to begin the training.  It will ask you to complete a brief registration form prior to beginning the course, which is solely for the purpose of registering you in their database as having successfully completed the online material.  After you have completed this course you will be given the option to print out a personalized certificate of completion (It is suggested that this certificate be printed out in pdf format, otherwise your name may not appear on this certificate).
The SECOND APPROVED OPTION is through the Center for Disease Control and their Prevention Heads Up Concussion in Youth Sports Online training program. After successfully completing the on-line training, you will be offered an opportunity to print out a personalized “certificate of completion”.  FYI – this option does not keep a record of your completing this training.
After completing either the FIRST OR SECOND APPROVED OPTION, you will need to print out your personalized “certificate of completion” and keep a copy with you at ALL SAY related functions (especially referees, as you may be required to show your personalized certificate to the appropriate SAY authorities prior to being allowed to officiate any games).

STEP 2: The second portion of the SAY National Concussion policy is the Removal-From and Return-to-Play procedure.  Any athlete exhibiting signs and symptoms of concussion either during a practice or during a game MUST be immediately removed.  This athlete MAY NOT return to play nor participate in any SAY activity on the same day that he or she has been removed (even if a written medical clearance is provided).

In addition, the athlete is not permitted to return to play or participate in any SAY activity until he or she has been assessed and received written clearance by a physician or by another licensed health care provider.  A Return-to-Play form must be submitted to the coach prior to allowing the athlete to participate in any activity with the athlete’s team, whether it be a practice or a game situation.
All of SAY’s member Areas and Districts are responsible to monitor and track their coaches and referees with regard to their individual compliance with this policy.  For those SAY members playing spring seasons, this policy must be implemented with the coaches and referees having completed their mandated online training prior to April 26, 2013.  Those SAY members operating a fall season program must have their coaches and referees complete their individual online training prior to starting practices. 
Listed below you will find helpful links regarding signs and symptoms of concussion, a parent’s education form, a possible concussion notification form, and a Return-to-Play form.
If you should have any questions please feel free to contact us.